A lot of people do not realize this but most people spend between twenty to thirty per cent of their lives on beds. Some who love to sleep might even sleep for maybe forty per cent of their lives on their beds. So if we spend so much time on the bed, we should always look out for the best beds and mattresses so we can be extremely comfortable and happy when we go to dreamland.

A good mattress shapes posture and builds backbone

A good mattress is not only about comfort and joy; we could also ease our back and rid ourselves of the back ache that we have been having since forever. A lot of studies actually show that sleeping on a good mattress really helps. A good, firm mattress might even help to build a good posture and a strong backbone which could make our lives much easier when we are much older.

Types of mattresses

Fortunately or unfortunately for us, there are just too many mattresses which we have to choose from. Mattress companies keep producing new mattresses every now and then and each time, these mattress companies will try to produce mattresses which are better than the last one. These mattress companies also make available mattresses which are of a higher quality and sometimes at a more reasonable and affordable price.

There are many types of mattresses like waterbed, hybrid mattress, latex mattress and of course, the favorite: memory foam mattress.

Why memory foam mattress?

It is said that this type of mattress is unrivaled and who could argue on this? We have heard probably too many times that memory foam mattresses helps shape your body and backbone and serves as excellent support to the body, not just the back. That is just one of the many reasons why memory foam mattresses generally gets great ratings and excellent reviews than the other types of mattresses. The second best mattress is highly likely to be innerspring mattresses as the sale of these mattresses actually surpass even memory foam mattresses.

If higher sales is an indication of preference from the general public then surely innerspring mattresses would actually let you have better sleep? We wish it was as simple as one plus one equals.

Memory foam is just a type

Yes, memory foam mattress is just a type of mattress and in fact, there are plenty of different types of memory foam mattresses. However, you do not need to worry on how to differentiate the good ones from the bad as we will do that just for you! We have gone through the web and we have narrowed down the searches to the best three that in our opinion are available for us in the market! We have also taken into account reviews from customers and ratings from websites we trust. So just take out the popcorn and continue reading.

Number 3


Third on the list has to go to DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Rated a cool 4.4/5 by close to two thousand customers, this memory foam mattress is one of the best in the mattress industry at the moment. High quality and durably constructed, it comes in all sizes. Twin, Short King, Queen, King, Full, California King and Twin XL. To top this all, it comes with a one hundred and twenty days trial and an amazing thirty years warranty, although it being a limited warranty. Who can say no to this? The price of this mattress may set you back a bit though, going for slightly less than $450 and $600 for a Queen and King respectively.

Number 2


Closest to the top but not at the top is Best Price Memory Foam Mattress. Rated 4.5/5 by more than four thousand customers, this mattress is top of the range and gives amazing comfort and molds excellently to your body shape. It is said to make you feel like sleeping on a cloud when you are on it and almost always lets you reach deeper sleep. This comes with some decent sizes like Full, Queen and King but unfortunately does not currently come with California King. Coming with a ten year warranty makes this even more worth purchasing. Priced between $150 to $200, you cannot get a cheaper and better mattress that is worth every buck you put into it.

Number 1


At the very top is none other than Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress. If it had a tag that says ‘Made in Heaven’, we would not argue on this even if we look ridiculously stupid. It gives such excellent comfort that once you have tried this, you will tell your entire neighborhood and every one of your friends how amazing this mattress is. Rated 4.7/5, this is as close to perfect as perfect can get. Infused with natural green tea extract, the mattress always feels fresh. Couple that with it being very long lasting and at less than $300, we simply cannot find any better mattress in the market.

Everyone has experience having a good night’s sleep and bad night’s sleep. After a good night’s sleep, you usually pop right out of bed, full of energy, no sluggishness, and ready to seize the day and basically just own it. In my opinion, waking up full of energy is one of the best feelings in the world; it’s good that I’m pretty sure I can start a religion just around this feeling. On the other hand, a bad night’s sleep can and will mess up your whole day. Instead of waking up energized and ready to get on with life, you wake up more like the living dead. You’re probably aching, for reasons you may not even be sure of, it takes you at least 10 minutes just to get out of bed, and without the drug of caffeine, you would likely mess up at work, lose your job, become broke, and ruin your entire life. On yeah, and because lack of sleep has also been positively correlated with weight gain, you will not only be a broke loser, you’ll be fat and broke loser. Truly a winning combination for life.

Ok, so maybe I’m (slightly) exaggerating here, but the point is that getting a good night’s sleep is essential for living a productive and successful life. It is really no coincidence that Fortune 500 CEOs and billionaires all wake up as early as 5AM; do you think they would have the energy to wake up that early and properly tackle their immense responsibilities if they weren’t well-rested? I don’t think so!

There are many factors that influence the quality of our sleep such as room brightness, ambient noise, sleeping position, pre-bedtime meals etc. Today however, we will be looking at an important yet commonly overlooked factor that influences the quality of our sleep: the type and quality of the pillows we use. It’s actually quite obvious when you think about it really; I mean we are resting our heads and neck on a pillow for 6 to 8 hours a night! Another thing to consider is that almost 70% of people sleep on their side (including me), meaning that it is widely considered the most comfortable sleeping position. How would you sleep on your side without a pillow? Your head would curve downward uncomfortably and you would probably wake up with your head tilted to one side like you were always on the verge of considering an important question. That’s why I’m so grateful for the wide variety of pillows available today; you can find more of such pillows here at Pillow Sanctuary.


Neck and spinal alignment is of course the primary factor that makes pillows such an important tool. Ever fallen asleep on an airplane or train for a long period of time, with your head slumped forward and your chin tucked into your chest? (and drool dripping out of your mouth and leaving a nasty, disgusting stain on your shirt, forever ruining your chances and fantasies of catching the eye of your conveniently attractive seatmate). That is why travel pillows are so popular, and although it will certainly improve your comfort, so far no pillow has been invented that can prevent your disgusting drooling.

Of course, as I briefly mentioned earlier your preferred sleeping position is also something you have to consider in your pillows as well. For example, if you have a big, soft, and fluffy pillow and you are stomach sleeper, you may just suffocate in your sleep, killed by your own pillow, and probably receiving at least an honorable mention on the Darwin Awards website. A dubious honor at best, I must say. Side sleepers and back sleepers of course also have slightly different requirements in what they should look for in a good pillow.

If you suffer from any neck or spinal issues, such as slipped discs, bulging discs, herniated discs then the importance of choosing a good pillow skyrockets, probably close to the number 1 spot on the list of factors, in my opinion. Chiropractors and orthopedics, two professions that have had more than their share of conflicts and disagreement with each other (orthopedics largely regard the work of chiropractors as nothing more than a placebo effect, although we can all admit that getting your spine adjusted feels absolutely amazing, especially when you hear that ‘crack’ sound) both agree on one thing, a good supportive pillow is absolute crucial in the treatment of such neck and spine issues as well as preventing them from occurring in the first place.

Hopefully this article has helped educate you on the importance of a good pillow; go to your bed right now and give your pillow a nice ‘thump’. And tell me, do you think you have a good pillow?